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Welcome to Aquatic Zone Swim School

Aquatic Zone is owned by Tracey Krumples, a 2 times World Champion Underwater Hockey Gold medallist.

Tracey believes that an active and fun life should be kick-started when children are still very young by engaging them in fun-filled activities.

Not restricted to activities and fun on land, Tracey tests the limits in water too.

In so doing, she demonstrates how the mastery of the aquatic environment at an early age sets the foundation for fun and activity in water for life.

Swimming can have many positive outcomes, least of all being an essential life skill.

Learning to swim well, from an early age, provides lifelong benefits.

Tracey has found that children who have started swimming earlier on in life pick up the swimming skills easier as they reach three years of age whereas a three year old that has never swum before may take a little longer to get over the fear of water.

Tracey’s classes are imaginative and highly spirited.

Her team of instructors, though true to her teaching style, nevertheless add diversity so that there is an instructor to suit every customer.

And, because she has a team, lessons can be conducted throughout the day every day of the week including Saturdays.

We are very proud of the relationships that are formed between the swimmers and instructors.

We encourage our pupils to be independent but when support and assistance is needed we are always close by.

Teaching swimming to young learners needs a great amount of trust.

That trust can only be formed when your child feels safe and confident with his or her instructor.

We believe that it’s not about winning or losing it’s about being passionate and enjoying the aquatic environment and through this everyone will shine!

With a supportive husband and two sporty children, Tracey is able to pursue her own active life.

She is either playing under-water hockey (she captained the South African Women’s Underwater Hockey Team in the 2008, 2013 and 2016 World Championships) or playing provincial squash or dancing hip hop. With someone as energetic as Tracey, learning to swim at Aquatic Zone Swim School is guaranteed to be fun.

We are passionate about teaching swimming and look forward to sharing our experience, ideas, knowledge and above all our love for the aquatic environment with all South Africans.
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